Monday, 9 April 2012

Nerves Abound

So, I have had many new opportunities come my way since I last posted. For one, I am now teaching on a regular basis at Live With Spirit in Brooklin. Let's call it Long-Term Temporary, since the original teacher is still off recovering from an injury. I have a small class there for a Core Power Class. I am desperately trying to put all of my education to work, but still find I have plenty of nerves accompanying me to class each week. I try to be prepared, to help ward off some of the nerves that come from the unknown of teaching a class. I still can't help but wonder each week how many (if any!) will show up to my class...

Secondly, I have been offered a chance to teach a private class at a corporate office in Whitby. I know zero details as of yet, except that it will be a one-hour Power Yoga Class... and they don't like "yoga" music! So, in preparation for this week's first class, I have spent a few hours tonight creating my class plan, and also a new playlist with some modern songs, which I really hope will help to keep the students motivated and energized. I feel pretty good about both, but only time will tell.

I have such a hard time with nerves, especially when taking on something new. I have also been struggling with a lot of negative self-talk lately and that really doesn't help the whole confidence issue! I have been trying to find some useful articles and quotes to help give me a push in a positive direction, so I will just keep on reading (and re-reading) those until my first new class on Wednesday night is over!

Wish me luck!

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