Monday, 20 August 2012

Manifesto Monday

If you're anything like me, you could use a little inspiration on a Monday. Okay, a lot of inspiration. I was prompted to write my own manifesto for a contest (which I did not win, btw), but I'm glad I jumped on the opportunity. It was inspired by the good folks at Lululemon and Tiny Devotions. Both companies have very cool, very motivating manifestos which you can read here and here.

I thought I'd share mine with you. I posted it inside my closet door where I can see it everyday, for a little dose of encouragement and positivity in the morning. Try writing your own, with things that really mean something to you, so that it gives you a sense of purpose everytime you lay eyes on it.

Here goes:

There is no fear. There is only love.  Open mind, open heart.  Being grateful is the answer to all of your problems. Tea will make you feel better too. Dress like yourself. Choose clothes and jewels that make you feel uniquely you.  Do yoga and breathe deeply. Savour the sensations that your body feels while it is finding strength, openness and space.  Feel the peace flowing through you.  Walk in the fresh air. Look around you. Marvel in the amazing-ness that nature possesses. Marvel in your own amazing-ness.  Smile. Know that your smile is infectious. Know that it will spread to others – guaranteed.  Laugh. Feel that positive energy swirling around you. Feel that you are on the verge of something fantastic.  Grab on tight to life and never let it go.  You won’t regret this for a moment.

Happy Monday friends :)

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