Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Summer in Instagrams

It's fair to say that I'm in a bit of denial over the fact that summer is on it's way out. I like the fall, don't get me wrong. Nice cool, crisp days and pretty leaves. My bday, and Thanksgiving turkeys. Pumpkin-flavoured stuff. It's all good. It's what comes after the fall that's a problem. I don't wanna talk about it though. That's why I've decided to share my fave summer Instagrams with you... If you're on Instagram too, follow me @erindbarker! Here we go!

The day I graduated from my Yoga Teacher Training Program!
Tree Pose at my Grandparents' farm :)

Our nieces - Makhyla and Maicie

My first yoga photoshoot

Adam and I at Echo Beach
for the Sam Roberts concert

LA collage

If you ever go to LA, make sure you eat at Joan's On Third.
There is nothing more delicious in the known universe!

Um, I like beer?

El Matador Beach in Malibu

Miller chillin' at the cottage

An amazing rainbow 
We had an amazing, fantastic, beautiful summer. One with great memories that'll get us through this long, cold winter. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful things I got to see, and the great people I got to spend time with. And if I'm being totally honest, this fall isn't shapin' up too bad either ;)

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