Saturday, 22 September 2012

Welcome Fall

I'm a summer girl. There's no doubt about that. I often joke that I'm cold from October to April, which is why I never turn on my air condintioning! Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy, but even though it was one of the hottest summers on record, we only had the air on a grand total of about five times all summer, and those times I was overruled by Adam. (If I lived alone, I could sell the unit for extra cash...) Even on those days that it's 39C with the humidity, I still love the summer. I'll take a hot, sticky, sweaty day over teeth-chattering, icicle-feet misery any day!

Typically, I spend all of August dreading the return of fall. I waste the whole month digging in my heels, denying to myself that it's actually coming (despite the early arrival of Back To School flyers and fat fall fashion magazines).

I do actually like the fall though. The crisp, fresh air. Crunchy leaves. Last few sunny days. New sweaters. Return of routine. Comfort food. Tea. Candles. Thanksgiving. My birthday. See? It has it's redeeming points. I guess what I dislike the most is that fall means that winter is on it's way. That's a whole other post, but basically I have no use for winter after January 1st... :)

This year I'm making a real effort to the beauty in fall. I'm trying to embrace the cooler temps, and find some fun things to do (instead of hibernating early!) So far, I've made homemade Chai tea concentrate for lattes at home. I've been collecting carb-heavy recipes that just beg to be eaten on the couch under a blankie. I'm pinning outfits featuring scarves and boots like crazy! I even had a pumpkin protein smoothie today after my power yoga class... This fall I want to smile more, get out into the fresh air more and just generally enjoy every day that I'm lucky enough to receive.

I hope that you're seeing the beauty in the new season as well. Cheers to fall!

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