Monday, 12 September 2011

Om-ing with Elton

I'm doing a 2-part post today. Here goes...

Part One:
I did the second day of my Teacher Training on Sunday. It started off with a 90 min Power Vinyasa class. At 9:30 in the morning. Before I'd had time to sufficiently wake up. Fun? But of course :) After that, we worked on more alignment, and that basically took up the rest of the day. I have come to a number of conclusions during my first weekend, and the main one is that I need to do more yoga! I have been trying to make it out to a studio twice a week, but that's not enough. I have to increase my home practice, hopefully to four or five times a week. In the summer, I did yoga a few times out in my backyard, and it was possibly the most freeing thing I've ever done. The poses take on a whole new meaning when the sun is shining on you and the breeze is blowing through your hair. Unfortunately, I won't be able to practice outside for much longer (Oh, Canada...) but that doesn't mean I can't work on my home practice in my home. The next Training weekend is in October and we'll be focusing on anatomy. I'm not sure if that's up my alley or not, but I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Part Two:
I am taking an 8-week class with Eva (whom I met at Eternal Hot Yoga) on Monday nights. Tonight was the first night and it was so much fun! It was like a little yoga slumber party with all the girls and the laughter. We had a great time trying out supported headstand, and crow, and also some pose where you make an upside down L-shape with your hands on the floor, and your feet up on a wall (don't know the name, can't hold it very long!) She also has the best music... hence the name of the post. We were listening to Rocket Man when it came time to OM. During her classes, we work through the book The Four Agreements, and she has everyone choose an intention from a set of cards that are based on the book. I got the perfect one tonight: "Honor the woman that you are. Take the risk to express your dream. Taking action is about living fully and expressing what you are." Love it. This will be my intention for the rest of the week, and needless to say, I can't wait until next week's class!

Namaste, ERIN

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